Bishop Okoth Girls’ Mbaga Secondary School is an extra county school graded by the Government of Kenya. The school is sponsored by the Catholic Church, Kisumu Arch Diocese. It is located at the base of Mbaga Hill in Siaya County, Siaya Sub-County, Boro Division, and Kowet sub location. We are 3.0 KM from Siaya Kenya Commercial Bank in Siaya town, approximately 6 minutes’ drive

The school was established in 1977 by the Catholic Church Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph- Asumbi on the piece of land that was given by the “JOKAKAN” of Alego Mbaga Community. The Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph established the school to mitigate the impact of illiteracy in Siaya County and the entire Nyanza Region. The first group of students were 75. They used two class rooms within the school compound and shared one room as a dormitory at Mbaga Complex, currently the Mbaga Mixed Boarding Primary.

Years later, the Catholic Church through the leadership of Arch Bishop Okoth of Kisumu Arch Diocese spearheaded the expansion of the school land from the late Osuri, who surrendered the parcel and migrated to Yimbo to allow extension of the schools’ facilities

Since then, the school has gone through a transition of leadership and the dynamic group of students who have posted tremendously good results across the years.

Her population has since then grown from the 75 pioneer students to the current 1448 students

We are a happy family, made up of the peaceful surrounding Mbaga community, the teaching and the none-teaching staff and our brilliant students. We celebrate our Excellence in core-curricular activities this year and the years before.  This year, our music and scouting students had flown our school flag high at the national levels.

Bishop Okoth Girls’ Mbaga is a school of Choice as Discipline is our road to great success.