Department of mathematics

The  department  of  mathematics  is  made  up of  a team  of  dedicated  members  who  embrace  team work  in helping  the girls  achieve  good grades in  mathematics

The members of the department include;

  1. Christine Musindi  -Principal
  2. Stephen Ogecha –  Hod
  3. Bonface Okoth  -Hos
  4. Dickson  Nyang’ute
  5. Joseph Otieno
  6. Michael  Akeyo
  7. Hanningtone Ochieng

The department has developed a raft or measures that have made the students developed positive attitude towards mathematics such measures include:

  1. Introduction of lunch time quizzes
  2. Introduction of mathematics extravaganza and mathematics day
  • Joint examination with well-established schools
  1. Team teaching and development of lesson study

The department requests parent’s /guardians to buy their students the necessary mathematics equipment like:

  • Oxford geometrical set
  • Mathematical tables KNEC latest edition
  • Scientific calculator FX 82 ES plus
  • 30 cm transparent ruler
  • Any other revision material

With these in place the girls will continue doing well and achieving better grades