Board of Management

I humbly take this opportunity to thank God for the far we have reached as a school. To the parents, it is my sincere appreciation for the work you have done to make us reach this far, may the Lord give you strength to even do more. Our beloved teachers led by our able principal, I say thank you for the good work you are doing in shaping the future of our girls. When we remain united as a school and speak the same language, nothing can hinder us from scaling the heights.

To our students, nothing comes easy, you must therefore remain focused in your studies until that time you will reap the gains of education.

May God Bless Bishop Okoth Girls’ Mbaga.

Message of the P.A Chairperson.

Bishop Okoth Girls Mbaga sits on Mbaga Hills on the edge of a forest overlooking Siaya Town. Such an inspiring presence highlights the schools motto, “Discipline is the road to success”. On behalf of the board of management of Bishop Okoth Girls Mbaga, I wish to reiterate the school motto which reflects our successful path as we prepare young girls to become responsible and committed citizens of the republic of Kenya. We envision the provision of learner friendly facilities that promote the wellbeing and academic achievement of our students.

As a BOM, we are committed to the growth and development of our teaching staff and none teaching staff as they provide services that facilitate our learners to become great citizens locally and globally.

Education is our core business as it opens windows where doors have been locked. I hereby urge our girls to have ambitions and set goals that propel them forward as the saying goes, “Forward ever, backward never”.

Message from the BOM Chairperson

Dr. Lilian Odero