Technical department

Members of the department

  • Miss Dimba Susan – H.O.D
  • Bonface Okoth
  • Opondo Wiliam
  • Masingre Jacob
  • Otana Pamela

The department comprise of the three technical subjects, Computer Studies, Home Science and Business Studies at Bishop Okoth Girls Mbaga.

These technical subjects are electives, meaning that they are not done by all students.

Business Studies

At form one and two, business studies is compulsory to all students. Those who have interest in taking the subject to the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education continue with classes as those who wish out it out do so at the end of form two when subject selections are done. The subject comprise of two papers, paper one and paper two. Students taking this subject have posted a good performance trend and we look forward to having more of them taking it as their career subject

Computer Studies

The subject comprise of three papers at the national examination, paper one, paper two and paper three which is the trade project. Papers one comprises of the theoretical concepts from form one to form four. Paper two is a practical paper that tests the students’ ability to use a computer and the basic Microsoft Application package to create, edit, format, save, retrieve and print documents. Paper three test the students understanding of the basic programing concepts taught in secondary school level. They design and construct a program as guided by the Kenya National Examination Council every year at the candidate class. The students use two practical form two units to achieve this objective. Ms Office Access is used to construct the program while Ms Office Word is used to compile a documentation of the constructed program.

Having this subject done at Bishop Okoth Girls Mbaga is aimed at producing ICT compliant citizens to the universities.

Home Science

It comprise of three papers; paper one, paper two and paper three respectively.  Students taking this technical subject get the necessary knowledge in textile and clothing and in foods and beverages.

The spirit of team work embraced in this department has seen us realize positive deviations in pour students’ performance every year and we are looking forward to doing even better this year and the years to come.