English & Library


  • The department has nine dedicated teachers, eight employed by the T.S.C and one on B.O.M terms. The head of department is Timothy Owino assisted by head of subject miss Elizabeth Odhiambo . The other members of the department include Mrs Justine Wanyonyi Omondi, Mrs Christine Omondi, Mr Samuel K’odera and miss Viola Olwanda. This is a closely knit directed by self-motivation, dedication to work and team spirit.


  • As a department we have a set target mean of 6.5 in K.C.S.E 2018, which the department is diligently working towards achieving. Usually we aim at completing the teaching of set books by mid-second term and thereafter embark on a comprehensive revision program.
  • The department engages in several programs aimed at bettering the performance of learners: we participate in several symposia and contests for example The Eagle Contest at St. Augustine Nyamonye Girls. We also sit for several joint exams to improve on the students’ question and answering techniques for example Eagle Exams in first term, SIKA joint, Shiners joint, etc. All these aimed at meeting the objectives of teaching and learning of English. We also strive at improving the spoken language among the students, therefore the introduction of language policy which emphasizes on the use of English as a medium of communication.


Language department imparts communication skills to all the students in school. We also inculcate a reading culture among our students through our library lessons during which they are required to read novels, story books and newspapers stocked in the library. We do also improve on the students writing skills through essay writing. We engage our students in essay competitions where many have excelled. The department also oversees the activities of the debating and journalism clubs.

We expose our staff to various workshops and seminars where they interact with colleagues from other schools and share new trends in the teaching of English. We work as a team to achieve our goals for instance we have team teaching and pool marking which make work lighter and enjoyable. The department also ensures that our teaching team is well equipped with necessary tools of trade such as reference books before they embark on their work. During our academic days, we offer guidance to our parents and seek their input in ensuring that we achieve our targets.

Our alumnae are always free to seek advice in language related issues. We have maintained high standards in our performance which has boosted the ability of our students enrolling for lucrative courses at the university. This means that we have been able to bolster the career of our students


The department wishes to acknowledge the improvement in student to book ratio due to the governments’ new policy on text books which has facilitated the teaching and learning process. The department is also well staffed with highly qualified human resource. The department appreciates a well-stocked library which goes farther in enhancing student language development. The department appreciates regular and timely communication from Kenya institute of curriculum Development on the resources available for effective teaching. The department believes in human resource development therefore we expect more in service courses so as to keep our teachers abreast with current developments in the subject.


  • We call upon our students to practice language on daily basis and shun colloquial language. Practice makes perfect and we believe that if they intensify their group work then our good record of performance will be maintained and even improve. They should also cultivate the culture of writing essays frequently
  • To our good parents, we request you to continue supporting our daughters by equipping them with all the necessary language materials such as books, dictionaries and set books. We also call upon all parents to make regular visits to the school so as to monitor the progress of their daughter.
  • The department urges the members to continue working as a team and focus on the development of the students because that is our call. Let us initiate more student-centred activities to enable them score high grades in examinations
  • The department appeals to the alumnae who are language experts to come on board and play a role in the development of the department. We expect them to expose our current students through talks and even identifying opportunities for them when they are through with their four-year course.
  • The department advocates for an improvement in the reading culture both at school level and nationwide.

Compiled by:

Mr Timothy Owino , Head of Department.