Hello, welcome to Bishop Okoth Girls’ Mbaga, Home of Hospitality and open-minded to all-round learning. The boarding department is such a big team that without doubt you would be sure to trust us with your daughter. We have 13 hostels that come just after the academic area as you go up the hill of Mbaga from where one enjoys the view of Siaya town. For us, the higher you go, the cooler it becomes, meaning, the girls enjoy peaceful night sleep and wake up to serious business in the academic block.

This has been made successful by a big team support, the house patrons, our Matron Md. Rose, the school nurse, members of the kitchen staff who ensure our sumptuous meals of porridge, freshly backed buns, fresh vegetables, stewed beef, boiled rice, beans and hitherto are served in good time are served in good time, (Thanks to Mr. Kevin, the head cook and Madam Lilian, the cateress.)

Our environment is kept serene by our grounds personnel. Discipline has been at its peak, thanks to the hostel student leadership that have been hawk eyed at all times, I bet your guess is as good as mine – the uniforms are outstanding neat.

All these with the greatest support from our able deputy boarding master, Mr. Otieno Joseph, our deputy principals, Madam Edith Owino and Madam Justine Wanyonyi and our ever dedicated principal, Madam Christine Beti Musindi for always remaining fair and protective of our youngest daughters and always ensuring that no stone is left unturned when any issue come up. Thumbs up great team; I salute your every effort in ensuring this great institution stands out.

Md. Christine Omondi (H.O.D Boarding.)