Guidence & Counselling

The department comprise of 10 members of the teaching staff and the peer counsellors

  1. Madam Esther               – Senior Mistress
  2. Justus Were                    – Secretary
  3. Madam Agatha Okello – Member
  4. Mrs Caroline Baridi      – Member
  5. Christine Omondi          – Member
  6. Mr Timothy Owino        – Member
  7. Mr David Owuor            – Member
  8. Mr Anton Juma              – Member
  9. Dr Vitalis Obonyo           – Member
  10. Mr Bonface Okoth  – Member
  • Peer counselors are a group of trained and certified students on peer guidance and counseling who also help the teachers in the guidance process.
  • The official meeting day for the department with the students is on Tuesday evening. With the large population of 1,412 students, the department has integrated the counselling sessions with debate/mjadala/career talks. The department alternates the guidance and counselling sessions by inviting external guests speakers of having the students in class addressed by the peer counselors under the guidance of the teachers from the department.
  • It is important to note that the department has 51 trained peer counselors who were trained in June 2017. The current form one has elected peer counselors who are yet to be trained.
  • The girls are normally guided on topics based on the following areas;- Sanitation; Health, Academic affairs for the excellence in class work , Responsible sexual behavior , Spirituality, General conduct, Peer pressure management , Drugs and drug abuse etc
  • The department also runs sister to sister foundation for the needy students which seeks to assist those amongest them with greater needs by those who have enough or wish to support their sisters in need. Students, teachers and  well-wishers donate money and personal effects to the kitty which helps those in needs. The department is happy to report that the foundation has grown to become an education fund where other students contribute Ksh 10 or more to assist and support girls who are in need.
  • Last but not least, individual counselling is done on a daily basis by all members of the department. In everything we put God first and believe that all are possible when we seek His counsel, advice and wisdom. God bless Mbaga, God bless the school administration, teachers, students, parents, support staff and the entire Mbaga community.

Prepared By Madam Esther Othiambo, The Sineor Mistress