Deputy Principals

The curriculum department is always in consultation with the office of the Director of studies, the deputy director of studies, the examination department, HOs, HODs Career department and the quality standards and assurance officer in the effort to ensure good results within the county and nationally.

Although the school has been performing well, there is a great desire to realize extra county school results. This means that all the stakeholders must work towards achieving the target mean of 7.0 in 2020. This will be in line with the 2020 mantra, “scaling to new heights with aggression.”

To achieve our objectives, the following strategies have been put in place:

  1. Periodic checking of the class notes
  2. Writing summary notes in each subject
  3. Embracing log frame program that emphasizes early completion of syllabus and the revision of KCSE and other past papers.
  4. Use of mind maps in revision
  5. Active participation in the supervised group discussion
  6. Using revision organization books
  7. Staggering exams to maximize the teaching and learning hours
  8. Use of remedial lessons to help in syllabus coverage
  9. Use of departmental offices to enhance team teaching
  10. Use of consultation sheets to monitor the integration of students with the teachers
  11. Writing minutes and reports during weekly class meetings
  12. Supervise preps

It is our hope that with all these measures put in place, there will be a remarkable improvement.

Message from Madam Edith Onyango – Deputy principal Curriculum.

Bisho Okoth Girls’ Mbaga cherishes “DISCIPLINE” and hard work. These virtues have been inculcated in most of our students. As a school, we encourage our students to work hard in their academics as well as mold their character. We have informed them that academic excellence can never be achieved with indiscipline.

Most of our students are focused towards excellence and cases of indiscipline and lawlessness have reduced tremendously. The discipline committee has improved the students discipline to a level that is generally acceptable. It is our prayer that this continues so that our students will forever appreciate why they are in school today. The following are the members of the disciplinary committee.

  1. Ms. Justine Wanyonyi – Chairperson
  2. Mrs. Edith Owino – Sec.
  3. Mr. Otieno Joseph
  4. Mr. Antony Juma
  5. Md. Ivy Akumu
  6. Mr. Enos Adidwa
  7. All class teachers depending on the nature of the case.

It is my prayer that our candidates will make Mbaga greater.

God Bless you, God bless Mbaga

Madam. Justine  Wanyonyi – Deputy Principal Administration